Your leading children's entertainment company in Essex
Your leading children's entertainment company in Essex


Is it best to book the hall first?

It is always better to book your first choice entertainer before you do
anything else as there are always a large variety of venues in every area but a great entertainer will be in high demand and therefore booked up quickly.


What time will you arrive at the party?

It takes 30 minutes to set up the show but will always be with you 45 minutes before so that I can have a quick chat with the birthday child and put them at ease.


Will the magic show be suitable for all age groups?

The show is geared towards younger children aged 3 - 8 although Children under the age of 3 are always welcome to join in but please be aware that it can get quite overwhelming for the tiny ones and as an entertainer I like everyone to have a fun magical time!.


How long will you perform for at the party?

Parties are usually two hours long at the weekends; however we can provide an hour's show.

How many children can I invite to the party?

You can have as many guests as you want, we do not charge per guest, although for birthday parties which include games, it is better to keep numbers below 40.


Are there a minimum number of children required?

I would recommend at least 12 children if possible to create a better
atmosphere for the magic show. For parties at home any more than 8 are fine as long as the children are of similar age.


Can I have the party at home?

Yes, happy to bring entertainment to your home. The only thing I ask is that you clear as much space as possible for the children to participate in the entertainment and enjoy themselves.

How much space do you need?

Most church halls and function rooms are of a sufficient size and allow plenty of room for the children to run around.


How should I pay?

Payment is made in cash on the day either at the start or end of the party, if you prefer to pay by cheque then please make it payable to M Jones

Can I have a joint party?

Yes, joint parties are welcome as long as the children are of a similar age.

Do you bring a disco/music?

A full sound system is provided and is loud enough for even the largest of
church halls.

Do you perform outdoors?

Given the correct conditions, yes. I will perform on a flat surface and insist on all of the children being in the shade for the magic show and preferably with grass or rugs to sit on. I would also need to be close to an electrical socket with the aid of an extension lead. You should however have alternative arrangements and enough room inside in case of rain or windy weather conditions.


Do you have live animals in the show?

I’m a caring animal friendly entertainer so sorry - but no. It can get very
busy at weekends especially in the summer months and it would be unfair for any animal to have to entertain and endure the heat and conditions of a 10 hour day.


If you have any other questions please do not hestitate to call

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